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Privacy Policy


We at Yachad Ministries understand that our Internet visitors are concerned about privacy on the Internet. The personal information that you provide to Yachad is just that... personal. To us, that also means private. Therefore:

It is the policy of Yachad Ministries that any and all personal information provided to us by any visitor is kept private and confidential. At no time will any personal visitor information be listed, lent, published, sold, displayed or distributed in any way. A visitor's personal information is for the sole use of Yachad Ministries and its employees in the normal course of our ministry with that visitor. Any promotional use of customer information must be strictly by written permission from the visitor.

From time to time, Yachad Ministries sends e-mail notifications regarding our newsletter, special offers and upcoming events. We use e-mail instead of the Postal Service when possible in an effort to keep our costs as low as possible. However, we understand our visitors' concerns regarding unsolicited e-mail (Spam).

Therefore: It is the policy of Yachad Ministries that no unsolicited e-mail will be sent to Internet users. Bulk e-mail will only be sent to those who specifically request notification when signing the mailing list here at the Yachad Ministries web site. If you have received bulk e-mail by mistake or wish to discontinue receiving these notifications, please notify us by phone or by e-mail at info@yachad.com. Please allow 7-10 working days for your name to be removed from the mailing list.








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